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Nasty Little Habits

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Alright, so I decided to start keeping fish [used to have about 6 bettas] again, and went with goldfish. So right now I have a shubunkin named Sheila and a oranda named Gus Gus in my 10g tank [20g broke when I moved]. I'm well aware that it's overstocked, but I do have an aquaclear 50 with 200gph on it and am fixing up the pond outside for Sheila. Anyways, to the nasty habits.

Both came from seperate tanks at the LFS, so in the beginning Sheila was chasing Gus Gus around. It has stopped since than, except around feeding time. I'm starting to wonder if Sheila may be blind in one eye, as she seems to have trouble spotting food that is on herleft or below her. Her left eye is entirely black, just the eye, I just put it off as part of being calico. So now at feeding time she sort of push Gus Gus around because he finds all the food. I'm figuring that this will have to be solved by putting her in antoher tank or the pond, whichever comes first.

The second habit is that Sheila took on the habit of playing with the bubbles at the top. Than, Gus Gus started copying her and does it more frequently while Sheila hardly does it now. I'm worried that Gus Gus, beign an oranda, will develop SBD. I'm thinking they may confuse their steady food, sinking pellets, with the bubble, and that switching their main food may help eliminate this.

Now to the questions. I noticed a day ago that sheila has some tiny tiny black spots on her face, and that her face seemed a little pinker than normal. Now today I noticed more tiny tiny black spots on her body and Gus Gus as well. Is this the symptom for any type of disease?

My tank is still cycling, but all of the tests are fine and the waters been treated.

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Shubunkins,like Comets and Commons are longer growing,and much faster swimming than Orandas.They often do kind of get pushy-especially when it comes to feeding times.Being in a small tank,may make the agression somewhat worse.If Shelia has a sight problem,then the pushiness is the only way she has a chance to eat.

As for the black spots,they sound to be "Healing marks" which are caused from ammonia burns.The black shows up after the burn starts healing.What are the params reading in this tank-how long has it been cycling-how much /how often are you changing out water?

What temp is your tank?Gulping air/bubbles could mean a sign of Parasites/gill disease,etc?Do they ever scratch/flash against objects,have frayed fins/bottom sit,etc?

It very well could be poor water quality too,so let us know the params so that we can decide what you need to do here. :) I am moving this to the Disease section so that you can get the most help.

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As I said, the water params are all within normal range, as its only been cycling for a week.

Ammonia > 1ppm

Nitrite > .25ppm

Nitrate > 5ppm

Ph = 7.6

Water changes every day of roughly 15%. Temp is around 65F, maybe a little cooler.

They don't gasp for air, no rubbing against objects. Gus Gus's dorsal fin is a little torn, but that's from Sheila when they were first put together, it's healing fine now.

I understood that Sheila was probably just pushing Gus Gus to get to the food better, as that's the only time they're in conflict it seems. I really was more concerned with them playing with the bubbles and developing SBD than anything else.

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