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How Do You Feed A 'challenged' Black Moor?

Guest Juliosmom

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Guest Juliosmom

On top of my cycling issues, I've just twigged (after many hours of watching) that my little black moor, Googly, has an extremely small mouth. He is having some fin/fungus issues as well and I worry about how thin he is so I've been hand feeding. At first I put it down to his eyesight, then I amended that, with some exasperation, to him just being a complete spaz. :blink: However, he really is 'challenged'. He takes small bits of food and shakes them to rip a bit off and then spends an awfully long time 'chewing'. By this time, his tankmates have eaten every morsel around. I have to make his pellets complete mush and then squeeze off tiny bits for him to take. It's a long and laborious process! Even flakes sit on the end of his nose, he doesn't seem to have that famous GF suction power.

Does anyone else have a problem like this? Any better methods of feeding? Ideas?



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