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Repeat Treatment Necessary For A Fish On The Mend?

Guest ouroboros13

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Guest ouroboros13


I found this forum a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that one of my little ryukins was acting unwell. He seemed to be exhibiting the symptoms of gill flukes, so I set up a 10 gallon treatment tank and treated him with API's General Cure powder packets (250mg Metronidazole/ 75mg Praziquantel per packet) and treated as per their instructions (1 packet per 10 gallons for 48 hrs, repeat dose for another 48 hrs, followed by 25% water change plus returning carbon to the filter.)

After about 4 days, I noticed the little guy's energy level was slowly increasing and he began to eat again. He now seems to be back at a normal energy level, he is no longer flashing/scratching and is back to eating with gusto.

I have also treated his tank of origin as a precautionary meaure. (My two other ryukins in the tank seemed fine.) I plan to keep him quarantined until I am sure he is back up to speed.

My question is: do I need to repeat the treatment to prevent a recurrence of the flukes? From what I have learned about about the parasites, their eggs are not killed by the medications, and I am very *very* paranoid that he is going to get sick again. (For about a week, I was pretty sure he was going to die.)

I would also like to offer my profound thanks for the information in the forum; it's what saved my fish's life.


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