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New Fish! (and Pics Of The Other Guys Too)


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I got a new fish yesterday! I loooove him - he's so pretty, and busy, and fun to watch. Right now he's playing in the bubbles. Earlier, he stuck his head right out of the tank, into the filter outflow, before diving back down to the bottom and doing some fancy little barrel rolls.

"Gilbert", as I've named him, is 2 1/2 years old, and was given to the local petstore by his owner as she was moving and getting rid of her tank. Gilbert looked poorly in the fishstore (gasping, listless). He was in a long, wide, shallow tank that this store uses for their plants for sale and their limited selction of goldfish. The tank was so heavily planted that he couldn't really swim at all, and the filter in there was fully submersed - the water didn't seem to have very good filtration or aeration (filter was a tiny fluval, appropriate for a 10 gallon tank, in what was probably a 20 or 30 gallon tank)). Gilbert's perked right up in my tank, which has lots of swim space and plenty of aeration and filtration (10x filtration, a big airstone, lots of surface agitation).

Anyway, here are the pics!




my favorite pic of Gilbert


Nemo and Baloo hiding from their new, very big, very scary tank mate


Baloo looking for peas


Baloo saying hello




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Gilbert is gorgeous, i love his long flowing tail and amazing colour, he looks very cheeky!! they will probably get used to each other, when i introduced my smallest fish, a blue oranda, he hid from my weather loaches for a while and got scared if they came near him!! your other fish are beautiful too!

congrats on the new fish, he is a great catch, and well worth the $20! :D

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:heart:heart:heart I literally said "WOW" out loud when i saw those pics! He is an AMAZING fish... and those pics are great! I'm not usually into the "chocolate" color but sometimes it's so stunning on fish! Gilbert almost has like a burgandy satin color on that stunning tail. Baloo is too cute too! Your fish are absolutely amazing!
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