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Planted 5 Gallon Glass Cylinder


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Tank and Equipment:

5 Gallon Glass Cylinder

- filled to 4 gallons

25w Visi-Therm Stealth Heater


75 watt Broad Spectrum Halogen spotlight

- Track light above tank

Afternoon sunlight through window

Plants and Substrate:

Fluorite Substrate in glass "pots"

Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus amazonicus)

- 3 small potted

Ozelot Sword (Echinodorus ozelot)

- 1 small potted

Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus)

- 1 small floating

Water Changes:

Water changes conditioned with Prime

- 50% every 2nd or 3rd day

- 100% every 2 weeks

Live Critters:

1 Goofy Betta



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I just noticed your little teapot! I love it! I started collecting teapots awhile back and stopped because of financial problems. That one is especially cute! :heart

I'm a big fan of authentic Chinese teas.

That teapot is for floral teas (like Jasmine). I have one for fermented teas (like WuLong). I've another for green tea. Little pots, little cups, powerful tea.

Compared to the cost of good Chinese tea (US$28 to US$100 or more per one ounce/30 grams), a teapot is cheap. When I was in Beijing I thought I could get some tea for less, but it was nearly the same. :blink:

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gorgeous set-up Daniel :heart

and i spotted your pond :)

Thanks again!

And aren't you a sharp eyed critter. :blink:

The pond is way back there on the patio past the little BBQ.

I didn't get the spring cleaning done on the pond this weekend. maybe next. :rolleyes:

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Very nice :) . How do you keep the glass so clean and shiny?

I had just done the twice monthly, 100% water change and scrubdown on the morning of the day I took these pics. :yeah:

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very nice :) but I prefer gravel than bare bottom.

I empty it completely twice a month, scrub it down, trim the plants, etc. Substrate on the bottom of the container would make that chore much more difficult.

I think I agree with you for a classic tank. But I like the "style" of the pots better in the glass cylinder.

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