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Thinking Of A New Tank

Guest Tomarc

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So I haven't been into goldfish for that long, but when I go into things I tend to go in big. There's a 60 gallon show tank at my LFS, just 5 blocks away. They're asking $150 for it because it's used. It currently is used for salt water and has two tropical [i believe] fish in it. Just glancing at it, it seems like a fairly nice tank.

Didn't get a chance to ask what its made out of or what type of filtration it has, though the filter's hidden underneath in the stand, looked like it might be a sump. I plan on going again tomorrow and getting the dimensions, type, and filter info.

Is it a good deal though? I just have an oranda and a shubunkin in my little 10 gallon right now [emergency tank since my 20 cracked when I moved]. If I did get it, I'd probably put them both in there and buy another oranda. And than when the pond outside is fixed that's where the shubunkin would go.

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Guest MidnightClyde

Ask the guy if he knows who the maker of the tank is (What brand)

I'm semi-new to this goldfish/aquarium thing altogether, but one thing I have learned is there is a biiiig difference in brands of tank.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but for large tanks (That could have a blowout), It's important to have a reputable brand. There's nothing worse than coming home to 60 gallons and 5 or so dead fish on your carpet. I personally have an AllGlass 55 gal, as I've heard Allglass is one of the 'better' brands out there

If it's a decent tank (As in, has sufficient glass thickness) and the filter works, I'd say it sounds like a pretty good deal

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