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Guppy Babies

Guest mclarenfan1

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Guest mclarenfan1

OK, so I had a small tank, about 3 to 5 gallons into which I put one female platy, one male guppy and one female guppy.

That was three days ago when I bought them from the pet shop, it turns out that the female guppy was pregnant...and I now have over 30 guppies!!! (Not bad for ?1.50 :D )

I did some very quick research on the internet and did the best I could to find a solution for both the adults and the fry, so I now have:

Approximately 30 guppy fry in the original small tank (with sponge filter, bare bottom, no plants)

The two guppies and the platy in a 10 gallon plastic tub (with filter, bare bottom and fake plants)

Is this a reasonable set-up?

What do I do when the fry get bigger?

The three adults now share a 10 gallon, but I now know that I should have more females as the male keeps chasing the female guppy, which could stress her couldn't it? But is there any room for another female guppy? I don't know how many you can keep in 10 gallons.

And what do I do when the next load of babies turn up!?!

Any advice would be appreciated! :)

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With good filtration, you could stock 1" of fish per gallon of water. The males guppies are pretty small, and the females a bit larger. I would say that in a 10 gallon, you could have 8 guppies. If you are really conscious of water changes and maintenance, you could have 10.

What I did with my guppies, is I separated the females from the males when very young. You can sex them quite easily when they are young. The females will display the gravid spot (the little dark spot next their anal fin). Put all of the females in one tank, and the males in the other. Then you don't continue to have a population explosion. The other solution is to have a fairly bare tank without a lot of hiding spots and the young will be eaten. I could never stand that, I was always "saving" the babies when I saw them :)

For the time being, you could put a tank divider in to the tub to keep the female and the male separated. You will have another batch of babies in about 30 days, anyway, since the female will have more than one group of young once she has been fertilized.

Once the fry are big enough to look "fish like" and won't fit in a guppy's mouth, the guppies will not eat them, so you could add some of your own young with the female to increase your ratio of females to male.

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Guest mclarenfan1

Thanks for your quick reply, it is very helpful.

I think I will have to split up the males and females as you suggest as I couldn't just let them get eaten but I also can't keep thousands of guppies!

I may get one or two more females, or as you suggest I might wait and use my own females when they grow up a bit to sort out my male:female ratio.

The thought of the next batch that you say will show up in about 30 days or so worries me!

Will they be able to go in with the current fry? Or will the difference in size and age be a problem by then?

Also, how many fry can I keep in the small four gallon tank? Should I just use the 1 gallon per inch of fish rule?

Of the 30 fry should i expect most to survive and develop into adult fish, or will a large number die, be deformed, have to be culled, or whatever...?

Sorry about all the questions!

If anyone else has anything at all to add then please do so, I want as much advice as I can get really! :)

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