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Question About Api Gh And Kh Test


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Ok I did the test for the first time, but before I get new fish, to make sure of the levels for teh fish.

I have the API (aquarium Pharaceuticals) test. for KH, it took 4 drops to turn the water from blue to yellow. On the chart it has one row of degrees dKH and another row ppm KH/GH. under dKH it says 4, and KH/GH reads 71.6. Which row do I read and what does it mean exactly? Does that mena it will still have proper buffering ability (our tap water can vary from one month to the next)? Would that mean that leaving it to sit for 24 hours would still be adaquate?

As for the GH, it says to count the number of drops until it turns from orange to green, but it never turned orange. Am I doing something wrong or should I read it as 1 drop (17.9 ppm GH)? What does this mean excatly?

I know that GH is the amount od dissolved minerals and KH is the buffering capacity of the water, bt for guppies it says to have a 10-30 dGH (medium hard water), but that measurement (dGH) isn't on the chart, only dKH.

I have only kept goldfish so I don't want to do harm to guppies by having water not in their range. From what I understand of how to read the chart (not clear at all, to me at least), KH would be 4 dKH or 71.6 ppm KH and 17.9 GH. On another section (after instructions) it talks about the ranges, and for guppies it says 6 degrees- 11 degrees GH & KH range, or 100-200 ppm. Does that mean I shouldn't get guppies? It has goldfish in that same range and I had goldfish that lived happily, well until they died that is. I don't understand how to read it exactly as the KH and GH ppm levels are very different (17.9 GH and 71.6 KH). I am not keen on trying to adjust the levels as I am a beginner, and problems can so easily arise.

Can you tell I don't have a scientific mind?? Am I supposed to add teh drops together for the chart and read 89.5 ppm KH/GH? I am so confused!! :krazy:

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