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Solve Your Water Change Worries


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ok, well i had this idea a few weeks ago when i was doing a water change on my goldie tank...

personally i find it really irritating having to stand next to the tank making sure that the water pipe is directing at the bucket and that the other end doesnt go above the water level, not to mention that it does my back in, so i thought, why not fix one of th problems..

its a pretty simple design (please excuse my paint abilities wacko.gif )

basically i picked up a 180 degree return bend from a hardware shop my dad goes too. They're plastic and very cheap (about £3 i think) and i also got some connectors (sorry my camera is dead so i had to draw a pic smile.gif )

180_Degree_Return_Bend_summ.jpg the bend (im not sure this one is plastic, but the one i used is)

180degreereturnvalveidea2.jpg the connector.

as the pic says, you just add one end of your siphon pipe to the connector, then add the other end to the bend:


this way the tubing will hang over the edge of your tank, with no risk of going flying smile.gif

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Tink, what do you mean excuse your paint abilities? You did really well!! I love the fish you put in the tank. :) Great work, and a great idea as well!
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