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Icy Weather


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What a horrible few days! ! Tuesday night we got hit with a horrible ice storm. There were inches of pure ice, ice coating branches on trees. It looked like the trees were wrapped in saran wrap. The wind gusts were up to 40 miles per hour. and as you can imagine the icy trees were falling, branches wiped most power lines, and cable lines. A huge bush in the front of our yard fell on one of our cars. (it did not get dented as it was coated in 2 inches of ice). Our power went out around 11:00 a.m on Valentines day. Our house slowly got colder and colder. The lowest it got was 50 degrees. We went through a whole night in the cold, figuring the power would come on by the morning. Around 10:00 that night, we heard a loud noise that sounded like a gun shot, but really our streets transformer blew. So no power. I woke up Wednesday morning and emedietly checked on my fish. The bettas were very inactive, and Tiramissu (my female betta) was on her side, but still breathing. their water was FREEZING! I did 50% water changes in all three tanks with warm water. Afterwards all three fish perked up. I placed all three fish in front of the gas fire place(than god it was gas, and worked!) That manged to keep their tank at a steady temp. The goldfish were fine. By 6 p.m almost all of our neighbors had power. (my mom thought they would forget about us, and tracked down a power truck :rofl ) They told us they would take another look. My whole family went out to dinner at 7, and by 8:30 we came home and the power was on, thank god! also a half an hour before Greys Anatomy :rolleyes: . We got two snow days, and a delayed opening this morning, good thing the ordeal is over! here are some pics.


((tanks by the fire))


((my dog, Ginger, looking at the fallin bush))


((pic of the ice))

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