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Update - Buzz Bumblebee


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Hi guys, I thought I'd give you a quick up date on my calico oranda - Buzz.


He's now in the 33 gal with just Cyril (Billy is in a 10 gal because he's poorly :( Also, Buzz has been bashing him about a bit). Womble, Robin and Wendy are in the 48 gal.

Buzz is doing fine, he is energetic and boisterous and very interactive and a lot of fun. He is a real "lad" of a fish!

The plan is to get a slightly bigger tank again for Buzz and Cyril to share, maybe another 48 gal.

These are the best pictures I could get from the other day, I'll try and get some better ones when I can :)







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Bumble - he is adoreable. I love your choice of fish. You also take extremely good shots. That close up is calender worthy. Buzz is beautiful :heart

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Thankyou guys! :heart

looks so innocent and playful...

:D Thankyou. Well, he's certainly playful, not sure about innocent :rolleyes: My poor little Ranchu Billy got bashed all round the tank so I had to seperate them. Buzz is certainly a very active fish!

Ooooh, I just love him MrB and do you know, he looks so much like one of my new calico orandas :D They both have similar faces :D

Thanks Jen! I've got a real soft spot for Calico fancies of all kinds, but I always feel calico orandas are very unique and special :exactly

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Got some more Buzzy pics! :rolleyes:

He's growing so fast I think his tank upgrade is going to have to come sooner than expected! :thud





I've just started feeding algae wafers to my goldies as a treat instead of spriulina flakes - they absolutely love 'em - Buzz is a real thug trying get his share! :rolleyes: I'll try to get some pictures next time I feed one.

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