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What Kind Of Fish Is This?


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Hi everyone :)

Im looking into getting a new fish. Ive seen a huge version of is and it looks really cool. Like some ancient fish. I have no idea what the name so its hard to find care advice for the type of goldfish. It looks like a fantail. But its got splotches of orange white and black all over its body. Do any of you know what kind of goldfish I'm talking about?

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it looks like a fantail but the color is like the goldfish on the left. theres nothing really special about this fantail the only thing is its mix of colors.


-pic is from this forums heading :)

Sounds like a calico fantail. The ones with lots of orange pigmentation are really cute. :)

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Guest MidnightClyde

Cal i co

'Cal' like 'California'

the 'i' is the same sound as in 'fish' or 'hiccup'

'co' as in 'cope' or 'coach'

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