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Now this pic is of the 2 remaining fry of the 3 tiny ones...as you can see one grew so much compared to the other yet he was only born 8 days apart.

This pic shows the two of them in the nets while still in the main tank.


the larger one:


I then removed them out of the main tank and took these pics (using the same bowl so its easier to compare the size difference)



From there the nets were placed into the tank with the older fry

The larger one: he has a fat belly :heart




The small one he is so so tiny!


The smaller one seems to be growing a bit more now so maybe the move did him some good.

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and so far the medium one looks the same as the big one!!!! It is going to be interesting to see how they grow and what color!

I also can not wait for the little one to get bigger and more shape to see if he is the same too.

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:D HI LMF!!!! I am loving all the pics,as they turned out really great.The fish all look wonderful!!

I also love all that sunlight on your tank as it reminded me of Jen's.You Aussies need to share some of that sun with me. :D

I have to admit though that I looked the pics over twice because the first time I looked,I only had eyes for Dalamar. :heart How big is he now?He looks huge!!

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:hi and Thanks Devs :)

You are welcome to the sun! Let me just email it! LOL Its been so hot here I have been concerned my fish were going to poach in their own water :krazy:

Yup im proud as punch of my Dalamar :rockon

I hope one day he will be a daddy.

But Blue seems to be growing at a similar pace and has been strong and healthy then I am happy he is the current daddy.

Little sunset has finally grown a bit, its not much but after all she went thru I am just happy to have her and :heart her to bits!! The fact she spawns says she is healthy and happy so thats a good thing.

I have not decided what to do with the fry yet. I really want to keep them at least untill they mature to colors and shape. I know I will keep one forever, after all I HAVE to have one of MY OWN fry I can not stil believe I even managed to get fry :clapping: ,and I will maybe have to find homes for the other 2 due to lack of tank space here. Or ........ if I can not bring myself to part with them at all, then.............another big tank :thumbup:

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:D I know exactly whay you mean Hun,as I kept my one lone fry from last year---Won Ton,and I love him to bits.

I am down to 2 fry in the baby dept.,and they both look exactly the same,like mini Orandas,so I guess the eggs that didn't hatch were the Ranchu. :blink:

I have a strong feeling that I too will be keeping these babies.I'm running out of wall space and outlets! :rofl

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awwwwwwwwww :cry1 sorry you lost the Ranchus....I wish my 2 would breed! I lov Ranchus.

I remember when you had Won Ton...I saw recent pics of him in another thread....I was blown away at his progress....So so glad you kept him, he was a real fighter and a keeper :):heart

Yup wall space, power outlets.. I know where u coming from

In this room alone I got 4 tanks and 6 power boards running for the tanks only , then double adapters for general stuff a house needs! and that don't include the kitchen and its apliences (same room as big open plan room)

The only place I got left is the other room ...formal lounge room ....that has 2 tanks in it now (my bedroom is already taken up with breeder tanks)

so I have to get rid of the wall unit and all the vids and DVD's and one of the existing tropical tanks(move this to my sons room) to make space for a large tank (want a 6 foot one) and free up the power outlets. It would make a fine feature as its a long long wall that you see from all rooms.

If I got a big 6 footer ( maybe 8 if I can) then I can have the 3 babies plus finally buy my dream Panda, another pearlscale to replace Coco Chanell (RIP HUNNY) with room to expand the family! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my dream set up :)

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Hi glitterfish :)

missed u!

Thanks for the compliment :)

Ok I get those nets for $5 at my LFS

I have many of them, I use them for raising guppy fry and seperating the fry so I know the parent linage

They came in handy when I had these babys as I was scared to take them out the tank

My last lot of goldfish fry perished in a fry tank after a waterchange.

I used these so all I had to do wass grab the plant and/or eggs and place in net

then they hatched

then they grew till old/not fragile enough to move

it meant they stayed in the same tank the eggs layed in and same water params

Once they were a good size then I moved them. This also gave me time to pre-seed filters and set up the new tank so when I moved them they got a new tank with the same water params....no stress :)

If you cant find them at a shop you can make them

get a plastic container (rectangular or square in shape ) and cut out the sides and bottom leaving just a frame

cover in pantyhose all sides and bottom...leave the top open

attatch it with wire to the top of your tank. It then sits at the top so you can feed and tend to the babies but they have the water flowing from the main tank

Also protects eggs/fry from being eaten by the parents :)

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Erin,you can find those things anywhere really.I have about 5 of them and use them constantly.In fact,if I would have used them this last time,Hannibal wouldn't have eaten those small fry. :blink: These Breeder Nets are great things to have around.I've even used them to hold a floaty moor so that the filter didn't get him(He was little at the time as these nets are not real big)

LMF, I hope that you not only get your Dream tank,but that little Panda and a little Pearlie too. :exactly:heart

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:cry1 with tears I have to report the smaller fry passed away last night.

I came home this morning to find him/she belly up


He/she was fine yesterday. Fine late last night. Now dead this morning. Just like that! :idont why?

I knew it was smaller and did not show any good growth pattern but I so hoped he/she would hang in there.

awwww this sucks :(

However the big one is doing good and when I looked back on the pics, it has grown well he/she is actually the size now that I got Baby Blue at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at Blue in his QT tank by the thermometer ( see page one of this thread) and this baby is that size now!. So its all good.

And the other one is doing great too..soon it can leave the net and join the other one.

So at the loss of the tiny one.............I still have hope and joy at watching the 2 remaining brothers/sister grow together.

RIP little one

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I am happy to report that the two fry are still doing really well and eat like piggies :)

Sunset has spawned again! But I left the eggs for them to eat as I really don't have the space to raise more fry...its a pity but I have to be realistic. Plus I am going away in a weeks time for a week and do not want to leave newly hatched fry to a friend to look after.

I will try to get some new pics up before I go on holidays.

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