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The Best Filters

what do you think are the best filters  

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  1. 1. what do you think are the best filters

    • under gravel filter
    • power filters
    • bio wheel filters
    • cannister filters
    • wet dry filters
    • uv sterilizer

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I enjoy very much the Aquaclear filters. I have them on all but one tank, and the filter on that one is always backing up and I have to clean it much more. Aquaclear are wonderful, have a lot of space for extra filter media and are easy to access. BTW, they are hang on filters...

And a UV sterilizer is not a filter at all. The sterilizer is an specially formulated light bulb that kills of some parasites and mostly free floating green algae, which makes our ponds look like pea soup.... :)

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hi i have a tank that i have set up but it was owned by my mother ans i dont know wut kind of filter it is it hangs frun the back and in the tank is a tube that brings thewater into the filter were there is a sponge and some kinda gravel that removes sum toxions that was used to treat the water i replace that once a month. could some one tell me wut typ of filter that is and is there somthing missing in it because it seems realy simple. thanx i feel so stupid asking simple questions like this ohhh well

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Kissez, sounds like a hang on filter Aquaclear to me. You can remove the sponge (on the bottom) and the bag with carbon (on the top) with 2 handles on each side, right? YOu are right, its a simple system, but it works. The sponge grabs all the bigger gunk, and harbors the most of the good bacteria, while the carbon removes things like coloration and medication from the tank. I usually take the carbon out, and just put a secon sponge in there instead. YOu need the carbon only after you medicated your tank to take out any medication or dye from the water....

And no, there are no dumb or silly questions around here. We all have been there and had a question here and there. Just keep asking away, we try to answer it! :hi

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