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Update On My Little Guys


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It's been a while since I've posted fresh pics of my 2 "little" comets, and there's one simple reason for that, I use my phone to take the pics and unless the fish are COMPLETELY still you can't get a decent pic. I really should invest in a camera...PLENTY of vids :D:D

They're not all good pics...







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Here's a few more. Some of these pics and the ones above might be old because I've got them all mixed up.

These are from when I cleaned the glass tank a while ago. I've probably posted them before but I'm not about to search through a whole forum for a handful of pictures :no:




...and then there's this. I don't even remember shooting this, nevermind posting it! Well, judge for yourselves...

Charger & Prowler Enjoy :D

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I've probably posted them before but I'm not about to search through a whole forum for a handful of pictures

Hi Limeyron, just in case you didn't already know, if you click on your usernme and view your own profile, then click profile options and view members topics - you can then view your own threads, so any photo threads you've started in which you've posted your own pictures will be there. Otherwise, if you've posted pics in other peoples theads, then yeah you would then need to search back through your own posts to find them. Hope that helps. Really lovely pictures by the way, very clear indeed for a phone camera :exactly

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Thanks for the replies guys. The pictures were taken on my phone but the video was taken using my sister's digital camera. She's gone and broken the thing now so I guess I'll have to buy one for myself.

Sushi, the one with the white cheeks, which are actually silver but you can't see that from the pics, is Prowler. He's my oldest one and I love him to bits. I've had him for nearly 2 years now and he's cost me LOADS! He's worth it though :) The little one, Charger, I've had for almost a year and he's doubled in size. He would have grown more but lack of space and lack of serious cash have stunted his growth :(

I love him to bits too, and he's so comfortable with me. I've trained him to stick his WHOLE head out of the water to grab a shrimp pellet that I hold just above the surface. I'll have to try to film it. It's the cutest thing you'll ever see..

Thanks for the tip mrbumblebee. I haven't really used all of the features on the site so I'm still sort of finding my way around.

Just for the record so we can follow their growth, Charger is currently 5" from nose to tail and Prowler is still only a shade over 7". I really have to get a bigger tank soon. I've found a place that will custom-build me an acrylic tank, which costs more than a glass one in general but will weigh about 52% less when empty. This will allow me to get a slightly larger tank so my guys can have that little bit of extra space. PLUS, I can have it in ANY shape that I want, I think, which means I can get probably a 60 gallon tank that will give my guys the swimming space of a 120 gallon. I'll have to sit down and plan it out but when it's all done they're gonna have a great new home. I'll probably get a couple of fish to go in the glass tank (obviously ones that don't need too much space) and then keep the plastic one as a quarantine tank, which means I'll have everything I need to do a proper job :D

Check out the website and it'll tell you all you need to know. Acrylic is definitely the way to go :exactly


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Thanks guys. I've put a lot of work into my babies and now they're like my children. It's weird, but I'm so protective of them. If anyone goes near them and they don't like it, I get mad and make it VERY obvious. Prowler is still very shy for some reason, maybe it's something to do with losing the rest of the family, all the health problems and lack of space combined. I think he'll be more relaxed and happy when he's in the new tank with Charger. When I put them in the tank together at the end of last year while I was cleaning, they literally didn't move more than about 2 inches apart. Most of the time they were side by side, as seen in the pics. I can't wait to see them together again...

Dells, watch out for a PM. I've got an update on my situation :) I can start getting stuff for the car :) The list is up to about ?1500 so far lol :D Might be tomorrow though because I finished my training today and I'm beat...

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