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Moose Is A Mommy!


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well, we are very happy to announce that since their hatching on thursday, we've only lost one baby!

but with that happiness comes some worry too... today, one of our patients helped us count all the babies in ONE of the tanks... she counted 59, both times!!

she gave up counting on our 2nd tank because she said after getting to the 30's her eyes got buggy!

so now, we're looking at potentially having 100+ babies, if there isn't anymore die-off... :blink:

i think i'm going to need to go buy a few 54 gallon rubbermaids... :krazy:

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plaaaaah... we've been so unbelievably busy that i haven't had any time to post pix! :krazy: it's amazing what babies, painting, re-organizing, more new babies, and snow can do to you!! :blink:

i will try to do my best to post pix asap... *where is that darn usb cable?* :rolleyes:

but we finally transferred the poop machines into the 10-gal, and so far, so good! :) we're going to start setting up the new rubbermaids sometime next week... so this should be interesting... :ignore

sooooo sleepy... and i'm still here at the office taking care of our lil boogers... and we're supposed to get another 4in of snow later! :blink:

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