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Larry's New Tank

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Here is a couple snaps of Larry's new home. It is alot bigger. Once the water is cycled and settled I will get him a roomie. I can't wait. The tank has been running about 3 weeks now. I checked the ammonia and other water levels - all good.

Thanks for looking!



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I got the tank @ a consignment sale w/ stand for 60$. It did not have the filteration system, so that is new. I did get a tetra as the local pet store only had that 'type' in. The draw backs of small town living. It is does enough GPH though. I also have the one from the 10 gallon he was in I plan on adding to this tank. I don't know about the lighting, I have not read it on the case. LOL!

I believe it is 20 gal tall - but I could be off. I just know it is alot bigger then his little 10 gal tank.

He likes it I think. He has been swimming all over since I put him in it! He is a ham!

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