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Some Coral Pics


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Hi guys, just working on the nano as usual and know I'm supposed to post pics whenever I do! So here are some random tank shots for you to enjoy!

Our blue mushrooms (that's a candy cane coral that they're growing on!):


And our brain coral, which will be going into the 75 once we get it up!


And here's a pic of some mushrooms in our 55, just cause I felt like posting them!


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Here are some new pics. I take so many pictures?I think my digital camera is my most prized possession. My BF was laughing at me because I just deleted over 200 pictures from it!!

Here is a new maze coral he picked up a couple weeks ago at work:


And Sharon, just for you, a close up pic of the blue mushrooms taken through a magnifying glass:


And a shot through the magnifying glass that I just thought looked neat!


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A closeup of a little rescued acropora coral that I bought back in November. It had a lot of receded flesh and was only $10, so I bought it to give it a chance. It sits at the very top of the tank, very close to the lights, and has just flourished! It has new growth, which even extends back down to the parts that had died off! (My BF took this pic through the magnifying glass).


Here is another green acro. They are slow growers but ours have definitely grown since we've gotten them.


A nice closeup of the brain coral:


And here are two acro frags that we bought at a great store in the Bay Area last weekend. They break off tiny pieces to grow into new corals, and it's known as fragging. Frags are inexpensive and if you have good conditions in your tank, they will become new, adult corals. Acros are my favorite corals and I especially love the blue tinge on these guys:


Our green and orange zoanthids:


And this is a new hard coral I stumbled upon the other night that has yet to be identified:



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