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Anacharis and a whole lot of it!

How big is your tank? How many fish? What type of lighting? How old is the tank?

There are quite a few discussions on here covering brown algae maybe try those for some advice.

My advice, skip the plants, do water changes, and limit your lighting period. Brown algae thrives in high silicate/phosphate concentrations. Silicates are a problem in new aquariums but eventually are reduced to low levels by water changes. Phosphates come from overfeeding and the use of commercial pH buffers.

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When I first set up my tank, I had brown algae.

Then I bought a BRIGHT light and plants. The plants and green algae grew like crazy. Brown algae bit the dust.

Then the plants and green algae fought with each other. At various times the plants were winning, other times the algae was winning.

After the plants took over the whole tank, I took a machete to it (exaggerating here ) and gradually transitioned to bare bottom and one plant. Brown algae made a bit of a comeback.

Then I used Phosguard (removes silicates and phosphorus), and brown algae took another hit.

Now I have a bit of brown and a bit of green, plus a plant. I keep the tank BRIGHT. I can live with this.


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Where are you getting bown algae? It should only grow on glass or ornaments. Just wipe it off, do water changes and stick to about only 5 hours of light a day if you don't have live plants. Be thankful its just brown algae, its super easy to clean up unlike other type of algae. Water wisteria is good at killing most algae, I don't know if it can help with brown algae though.

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