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My Fish Again!


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Brownie my little doubletailed fry. Getting fat and has a very special look.


Balloon Belly and the one I call Shubie, looks like one!


Belly greedy!


I call this one ShyO, he always stay in the background!


And a couple of my yearlings!

This is Gullmer (former Mera, now a male!) he is developing nice finnage!


And Comet! :heart


I have posted pics like these in Pic Of Week and never won, so I post them here instead! :D

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Anyone else? :D


me! I love them all Anette. So Gullmer turned male with clear breeding stars ..I like Shyo! Haven't spotted him before. Very strong looking and I've always liked Comet.

:#1 All of them :heart

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:D Shyo is the one changing color right now, there is always someone going on! But this one is so difficult to take pics of because he is shy and keeps in the background! And when I started to take pics of him he swam away!
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