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Few New Photos


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Jalad has been nicknamed "The Sausage" by my friend Becky, and he is now being called that almost to the exclusion of his real name... he's still in quarantine, but I finally got a really nice picture of his face, ignore the smudge on the glass, I keep meaning to clean it, but it just gets smudgy when I stick my hands on it to take the lid off to feed him (I'm trying to teach him to get used to hand feeding).



Leo's tail is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.


And he also wants to kiss you.


Cassie was having an off day.



Darmok seems to be refusing to pose at an angle which shows off that he is in fact a pearlscale. He *is* fat, he *does* have pearl scales.



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How kyuute!! They all are. I love that first pic too, what a pose and the kiss pic- amazing. Don't forget to save one you haven't shown for pic of the week :)

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