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Omg Eggs!


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Oh Booya looked a bit orange in the latest pics! Where did you get that name?

How's Donnie doing? I'm dieing to see a closeup of that fish!

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:rofl Have you heard when people say "Booya!" or is that only over here? Its like an exclamation, like if you shot a basketball and made it through the basket. :D

Donnie is doing good. He isnt growing as quickly as the other 2 in with him and Im sure thats because his mouth is a bit deformed. :heart

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GASP- haven't checked here for a while Erin so I'm so excited to see how your 4 have grown. Donnie really beats the odds getting in the last 4 so he must be a toughie. The fish that are a little different looking have so much personality :) Congrats on getting Booya in the main tank already- you've done so well :D

Couldn't watch the video though for some reason... :(

edit for weird typos.

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