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Butterfly Telescope?

Guest shin

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I was wondering if my telescope is a butterfly tail. The pics might not really show it that well because the tip of their tails are white and so is the container.

Edit: uploading the pics. I accidently pressed something SorrY!

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Okay well I accidently pressed a button and my topic was posted before I got a chance to put up the pictures. And it wont let me edit my post so here are the pics now.



I will upload a few more pics after when photobucket isnt as laggy.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm pretty sure the orange and white tailed one is a butterfly tail but I'm not sure of the black, orange, and white one. Her tail isnt as pretty as the other one but the rest of her is :) .

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boy... I miss my butterfly-tails. They all got wiped out one after another by a series of chilly mornings this past December. The sad part is, I haven't a clue when butterfly-tails will be available in our area again.

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