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How Many Gallons Is It For One Clownfish?

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I am not sure I understand your question... I think you are asking what the minimum size tank you can keep a clown in???

It is recommended that you keep them in tanks 20 gal or larger...I know that some would keep them in smaller tanks...you may get by doing it but I certainly wouldn't...

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Anything smaller than what Reef Man recommends is going to be very hard to maintain stability in, expecially for a beginner. I recommend no smaller than 55 gals with an under tank wet/dry or refugium as a starter tank. At a VERY minimum, a 24 gal Nano Cube, the filters in them are essentially wet/drys. Just please make SURE with a small tank to do a good and complete fishless cycle before you bring your clown home. And make sure never to overfeed, or you will be fighting nitrates very quickly.


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