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Fake Plant Diy


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I didn't know where to put this so I will put it here. :blink:

Ok. Fake plants, at least the nice ones, cost soooo much!!! At michaels they have fake plants for about half the price but they have metal in them and have that funky thing used to stick them into styrofoam. I came up witha good idea! Make your own!

Here is what I bought from Michaels.(Ignore my mom's dog)


The big plant: $6.99 (a plant that big would be $15 at LFS)

Little plants: $1.99 each ( a plant with this many leaves would be a good $5 at LFS)

Nylon Fishing Line: $.99

All I do is slide the leaves off the fake plants and use the nylon string to tie them together. I could easily make 10+ plants out of that big one.

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