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Fighting A Losing Battle?

Guest Bitz&Bobz

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Guest Bitz&Bobz

Ammonia Level?

Nitrite Level?

Nitrate level?

Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)?

Ph Level out of the Tap? .

Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? Dunno about Gals, but it's 45 Litres, and has been running just over a month

What is the name and size of the filter/s? It's a Rena Filstar one, not sure of the size as it came unboxed with the tank

How often do you change the water and how much? 50% once a week

How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 Goldfish, around 2-2 1/2"

What kind of water additives or conditioners? Stress Coat & Seachem Stability

Any medications added to the tank? Esha 2000

Add any new fish to the tank? Nopes

What do you feed your fish? Aquariam Goldfish Flakes

Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt",

bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Lots. At the moment. Bitzy has a few red patches/streaks on her sides and has white patches on her body which lead upto/across apart of her fin. Her eyes look cloudyish but not too much. Bob doesn't have any white cottony marks on her anymore, but she does have fin rot, it went from not being too bad too really bad quite quick. It's taken alot of her dorsol fin but it's not got any worse lately, but is now tipped black. I thought she was getting better, but today i've seen that just in front of where her tail starts she has patches on both sides of her body that look sort of dry? Like flakey and peeling? i can't really describe it..

Any unusual behavior like staying

at the bottom, not eating, ect..? They have calmed down lots since they've gone into this tank, they tend to just sit around in the bottom corner and only swim around at feeding time, or when someone walks in the room, once the excitements over they go back to the corner.

They don't pick at the gravel on the bottom on the tank like they use too, they use to do it constantly but now they hardly do it at all.

They started looking abit withdrawn when they first went into their new tank, but i took it as shock. Bob already had a tiny split in her fin but as soon as she went in the tank it got immediately worse.

During their first week in the tank each day they got less active so i went to the lfs and got some medicine Esha 2000. I've been putting the recommended dosage in for my size of tanks, and although they seem more active than they were, they are still slow and don't seem to be getting better physically.

At one point last week i thougth they were loads better so i stopped the treatment (They'd been on it for 3 weeks) and did a waterchange instead and the day after they got worse again. They've now been back on the medication again for a week.

Bob at the beginning of the problems


Bob now (4 weeks later)


Please help


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The black areas on the fins are where the fish is healing. It is usualy a good sign. I would not worry about it if it is not getting any worse (after the black spots appeared) but if it does get worse then I would aquarium salt to aid healing process. (the aquarium salt might be a good idea anyway)

Good luck!

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First I must say that while it could be ammonia burns that are healing, that is good, but it still NEEDS addressed.


If it is ammonia burns yes black means they are healing, BUT there are some major issues to address to help this member. I know you are trying to help but it is important that you have all the information before offering advise or saying "it will be ok". Thanks.

Now, I must say that it is highly important that you find out the levels of the water. Since your tank is only been running a month it is almost guarenteed that you have water issues going on. You must know what they are in order to help the fish.

If infact the black is ammonia burns healing until you know the ammonia level in the tank the fish will continue to get sick.

Are you familar with cycling in a tank?

Another thing is that you are overstocked. It is recommended that gf have 10 gallons per fancy gf. This is because they produce tons of waste that becomes toxic to them. If not addressed they can get deathy sick and even die.

Another reason to know the water quality.

I would recommend changing another 50% today and tomorrow until you know what the levels are.

If you don't have the appropriate tests I would suggest investing in drop tests that are pretty accurate. You will need to test daily while the tank is cycling and then once a week lifetime.

Post back soon and we can go from there.

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Guest Bitz&Bobz

The fish are swimming around quite alot today. Physically they don't seem any different, they aren't worse but they're aren't getting better either.

On bob the one with bad fin rot, you can't tell off his dorsal fin whether it is clamped or not, basically cuz theres not much there, but i've noticed when he did have it clamped before a set of the fins on the bottom of the fish are normally clamped too, but they aren't today.

I know you've said about the fin rot and things but what about the bit that seems to look dry/flakey? What can i do to help that?

My lfs is now being "refurbished and updated" till Jan 3rd so i'm not sure when the water tests can be done, but i've been doing frequent large water changes since they've been sick, and inbetween vacuuming the gravel.

I understand that i am overstocked. But these fish started in an 8 litre tank, and then went into a 15 litre tank and in my situation getting a 45 litre tank took me a long time ta save for and is the best i can do at the moment for them.

Thanks for tryin ta help.

Gonna go do a water change


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You are welcome.

Is there another place you can buy the tests at? Big Al's online is a good place.

Until you know what the water levels are it isn't recommended to use a medication in the water.......it can make things worse.

I will be very honest, water is everything to gf. It can heal them or kill them.

While it is good that they are now in a bigger tank than before, it is still all about the water quality. Since they have a history of poor conditions that increases their chances of being stunted and sickly. Meaning it makes them more suseptible to illness and more problems.

Keep up the changes.

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