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We Have Power!


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I can see that some western washington users have already addressed the power issue, and in fact we got ours back at 11:35 pm last night, but I haven't been home today to post.

We lost power while I was working, and first thing I did was call my mom and ask about my fish. For some reason my boss found it extremely funny. o.O Hehe

I got home at 2am and hooked up my battery airator. Eventually it got turned off because I remembered that colder water holds more oxygen and I have 3 fishies in a 90, so I was more worried about removing any warmer spots that may exist than them having oxygen.

I have the benifit of owning 3 very hardy goldies, one of which has survived all goldie horries you could possibly think of. The thing I'm worried about now is whether the sudden drop then rise in temperature will have any lasting effects or cause problems later.

Here's my chain of events......


12:03 am Power goes out

2:00 am 76* F

1:45 pm 69* F

5:00 pm 68* F

11:05 pm 65* F

11:29 pm Power back on


10:35 am 68* F


1:31 am 70* F

It's on its way back up, but it scares me that it dropped so fast. Any thoughts are welcome. ^_^

And to those of us with power back - YAY!!!

And to those without - Hopefully they'll get it back up soon. Longest estimate I've heard is 7 days from Friday.

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Aftran good to hear your power is back on too. Another member has been telling us of the power outage out there on the west coast. Hope your fishies are doing well.

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