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Cartoon Fishy Painting


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Sorry if this doesn't belong here. :unsure:

This is one of two painting for my mother. This one is small, about 8x5 inches. The fish is cartoonish. I've never really done anything like this. i try to stick to more realistic pieces. The second picture if a african lion that I've spent 10 hours on and less that half the canvas is covered. Its about 15x18 or something like that.

It was done using acrylic paint. I didn't use any gell on this piece so it was hard to blend and it started out as a bubble eye goldies and turned into a common/fantail sinc emy mom hate bubble eyes(I LOVE them. Such cuties!).





All together, including changing the fish, it took about 4 hours. Covering up the bubble eye took the longest.

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