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Cheap Prices For Tanks And Equpment!


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I'm sure many of you have already spent oodles of money on fish stuff, but just FYI... right now many of the online aquarium supply places/pet stores are having specials on fish stuff, and they're offering free shipping too, and on top of that, if you pay with paypal or google checkout, it's an added 10% off. just be sure to type in the discount code.

i know many of us print off online offers and price match at stores, but this beats that! just purchased a 100ft "python no spill clean and fill" for $60.02, and i think it's normally $74.99 or $79.99! the added paypal or google 10% off helps a lot too! :D

just thought y'all might like to know! :heart

::edit:: the free shipping is usually on orders over $50 or $60 depending on which site you go to...

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