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New Tank!


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Ok so tommorrow I am getting my Christmas present early, all 150 gallons! :) And not a minute too soon, as my 39 gallon has a mystery leak! :blink:

Here is my question...I have 5 commons comets from 3-5 inches automatically they are going into the 150, so 100 gallons are taken up. (All together I have 13).

I have 8 fry that range from 1-1 1/2 inches. With the remaining 50 gallons should I just add 2 more or can I sqeeze more then two in. I'm going away in 2 days and can't find the leak in the 39 gallon & don't want to trust it as I really have no one to check in on it daily. That leaves a 29 gallon.

I'm starting to stress out as I am going on vacation in 2 days time and as I am new to the country I don't have anyone to do water changes and I am still cycling.


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i really wouldnt bother keeping all the fish, choose a few of your favourites and sell the rest.

I've placed 4 of my fry in homes which can accomodate them accordingly & care for them lovingly. When I did try to sell them I was told they would be feeder fish, I love my fish therefore that is not an option. Plus they are all my favorites for different reasons.

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