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Lots Of Betta Pictures.


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The Female tank finally cleared up. I think it looks good but it would be so much better with live plants. I want some water wisteria and HC.


This is my mustard gas CT bowl.


My yellow CT boy.


My Cambodian Marble male.


My Marble Male.


The Mustard gas and yellow are next to each other. THe two marble are next to each other.


My very blue mustard gas. My other guy is a lighter blue color.


Where my boys live, except for the 2 in the 20 gallon and one male in the 2.5 gallon.

Sorry for the water spots on the outside of the bowls. I always splash water out when I try to put back a plant that came out. It is also because I'm using a 6 year old 2 mega pixel bad camera. I got a Kodak 8 MP P880 but I can't have it till Christmas. Expect fish videos once christmas is over. The P880 take nice vids and has a micro phone. lol. My cruddy cam only takes grainy pics and no sound.

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:) Wow, they all look great! I just love the way you have the bowls arranged. How much water do the bowls hold?

My bowls hold 1 gallon of water. Sure, its just about as small as you can get but they seem happy and fine. Most of my males freak when placed in anything over 3 gallons.

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Wow nice bettas. lol All those bowls must be hard to maintain O.O how much does each one hold? lol i have trouble just maintaining my 3 1 gallon tanks.

Each bowl holds one gallon. The water is a little low in the picture because I was moving the bowls and I didn't want to splash out water on the floor. Its not that hard. 50% water changes every 2 days and 100% water every 7 days.

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