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It Was A Good Fish Day

Guest Nakita

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I'm always eager to go to work on Tuesdays to view the new shipment of fish. Yesterday's shipment was especially good.

First I saw the oscars. There were two beautiful white and black stripped guys. I've never wanted an oscar more than at that moment.

Second I saw a purely albino African cichlid. Even had the bright pink eyes, and purely snow-white body, not a speck of color on it. Very pretty.

Then I saw what made me go absolutely nuts about: A crowntail, my favorite type of betta. :heart This is a Wal Mart, a store that gets the rejects from the breeding process. They must have slipped or something and accidently threw a crowntail into the shipment.

Needless to say, I hid the guy, called my boyfriend and told him to get his butt up here on my lunch. :newfish I spent my entire lunch period revolved around this little guy!

There goes my plan of buying nothing more, period, until next pay day. :whatjust:

He's actually pretty small, so I think he's less than 6 months old, and very pretty. I can watch him flare up all day. His caudal fin is especially pretty.

I'm guessing he's a marble coloration. Did I get that right?



(Please forgive the extreme HUGENESS of the pictures. This is a new computer and I have not installed Photoshop yet and was not able to crop or resize them.)

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Thanks for the compliments, everyone. :D

My department manager just laughed at me because I pretty much forced him over to show him and he got to see me freaking out about it. He suggested I hide it, or write "SOLD" on top, and I did hide it behind a bunch of others until my lunch could come around.

No way I was going to let some 6 year old kid buy him, put him in a 1-quart bowl with tap water, then ignore him. I've seen and heard this happen way too often. It's downright depressing what bettas go through. :(

Pastel was my second thought about what he could be, because he has light colorations, mainly baby-blue, but he will shine pinkish on his body with light reflections.

And butterfly too?!

Wow, and here I was just freaking out about his fin-type. Now he's got a pretty impressive color-type as well!

I think I completely lucked out. :D

He is currently unnamed. I wanted it to be something cool, but not over-the-top, and everything I can think of just seems so... blah. So far the name Cosmos sounds the best that I could come up with.

He's skittish around people, but downright aggressive when he sees other fish. He's currently in a tank next to Darth's, but I'm not too sure if he'll be there very long, as he flares so much and Darth actually seems to be getting nervous. :blink: My theory that Darth is a hippie is confirmed.

Till then I'll be putting some paper or something between them. He's definitely getting his own private tank, though. Even if he was less aggressive, I wouldn't want to risk anything damaging his beautiful fins!

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