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Senegal Bichir Update


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For 3 days now he has been swimming around kind of frantic. I couldn't figure out why. My water was fine, the temp was even and the pump wasn't that fast. I tried feeding him his normal goldie flakes and blood worms. He just kind of nibbled at them. Then I tried cichlid pellets. He didn't really like it because he couldn't chew it. I was watching him and knew he was hungry but I had nothing else to feed him and then I remembered I had a can of freeze dried tubifix worms. I gave him a small piece to see what he would do. He ate it and then began following my finger! It was cute. I felt like a mother bird who was feeding her chick! :rofl I used my finger to get him in the front of the tank. He ate almost a whole block by himself! He would swallow the pieces I broke of it whole! He is also growing well. Still 5 inches but getting fatter. His torn pectoral has healed up too.

These picture are from Saturday night. I already turned off him tank light so I don't want to bother him to take new picture. Nothing has changed in the past few days anyways.




His home. No the tank is not leaning, I took the photo at a slight angle because I stepped on a piece of dog food. I thought I broke something.lol.


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