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Question About Fine Tuning Filter


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For right now, I have a whisper power filter, and the pH in my tank is 6.6-6.8, so I want ot raise it slightly, and safetly. I was told using coral is the best, but what type of coral exactly is it again that I need to look for? How to I best use it? Is it best to put it into my filter, and if so, do I place behind my carbon filter (so water flows through the coral and then the filter), or in front of it, (where the water flows through the carbon and then the coral)? How much do I use? Do I have to change it or will it dissolve?

Also, is there anyway I can make the filter more effective? Is there a way I can give more surface in it to grow good bacteria (like rocks or something), which would make it work better? I currently re-use the frame and add some of the old carbon with the new carbon, and change the mesh bag monthly. Or am I only dreaming? Will the coral give addtional surface for good bacteria to grow?

Any ideas anybody? Thanks!!


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