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Womble The Pearlscale


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Hi guys, here are a few pictures of one of my other new fishies - Womble the Pearlscale! :D

He's still in the quarantine tub at the moment so the pictures aren't great, but you'll get some idea.

He was from one of LFS's as well. He seems to have lost a few of his pearlscales during his life, but looks generally healthy. He eats really well and is probably one of the most "interactive" fish I've ever had, he investigates absolutely everything, even the slightest movement near his tub he's on to it in a flash! Whenever I go near he always comes straight up to the surface to see me (and look for food! :rolleyes: ) I just love him...

I can't wait to get him into a proper tank again. Hopefully, I'm getting a new 40-50 gallon soon and he'll go into that, maybe with Buzz or another of the fish from the 30 gallon, depending on how boisterous Buzz turns out to be! :rolleyes::D





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:happydance I think it's cute that anyone who has a pearlie seems to always come up with another "round" sounding name. Womble is perfectly roly poly.

Mine are named Buoy and BonBon. nicely round.

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Thankyou for your nice comments guys! :heart

I decided to call him Womble because his sort of pointy face kinda reminded me of the Wombles (Of Wimbledon Common) - an animated UK TV show from the 70's, not sure if you guys got it in the US? I was thinking of calling him Orinoco or Wellington originally, but then settled on plain old Womble! :D


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