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Tank Of The Month Winner


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Congrats hun,

Take a look at the KGW Cafe and let me know in a email with your addy what you would like from the TOTM part, after you tell us about this tank :D


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This is my 55 gal GF tank. I have 7 GF:

3 Pearscales

2 Ranchu

1 Lion head

I Ryukin

I know I?m over 2 fish and was thinking of setting up my spare 30 gal, but after starting a thread on the whether to move two fish over into the 30 gal, it was decided to do extra water changes and increase filtration in the 55 gal instead, due to the 30 gal tank measurements.

I run two filters:

Aqua One Canister filter CF1200 ? 1200 L/hr

Otto Internal filter PF80010 ? 800 L/hr

I will be replacing the Otto with another Aqua One Canister filter CF1200 in a couple of months.

I do 2-3 40-50% water changes per week. We have water restrictions at the moment due to the drought and water changes were an issue, but now we have come up with ways to reuse out grey/fish water, so it?s not wasted.

The plant set up is pretty basic. I just have 4 x pieces of driftwood with Anubias growing on them. It is very easy to maintain. When I siphon the tank I just need to pull out the driftwood and put it back. All the plants grow on the driftwood.

Thanks everyone for the compliments :)

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