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My New Oranda And Some Other Fish

Guest shin

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Yesterday when I went to the LFS to return my pleco (had it for 3 years) as it was starting to go after my goldfish, I went to have a look at the GFs and ended up leaving with 1 new black and red oranda.

Heres a pic of him in the Fish store


One of my moors that just left quarantine


My black ranchu that just left quarantine


My pleco that I returned


Another nice red and black oranda that I didnt get but its tail is not connected at the bottom. It looks nice when viewed from the top though.


and a pic of my oranda when i brought him home


My oranda seems to have a broken dorsal fin, will this heal over time?

I dont have any idea what to name my moor, ranchu, or oranda so any suggestions are welcome!

Enjoy the pics :) !

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My fish's name just come to me. One day I go up to them and say Hi (insert name here) and that's what I name them. Watch them for awhile and see what names come to mind. Also, what type of names are you looking for? Mine are weird, so far I've had: Spaceboy (RIP), Alexandria (RIP), Mars, Phoenix, Sparky, Skittles, Mithra and Poe. They are all related to hobbies and things I enjoy. Such as 30 Seconds to Mars, a TV show I used to watch, and then different types of Mythology and literature. Skittles is the only one that doesn't fit any of those. For the Oranda I thought of Dragon, but again it all depends on your taste.

They are beautiful fish. I wish I could find some fish like that, but I'm a sucker for buying the underdog and the smaller ones in the tank. They are so beautiful!

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Thank you for the comments!

IloveSpaceboy- I'm not sure what names I'm looking for but anything that fits it will do.

Fuzzy Peaches- is it really a demekin? I like it no matter what it is but wouldn't a demekin have a larger hump especially for his size (about 6-7") but then again my other moor doesnt have a hump at all so maybe it actually this one is actually a demekin?

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Here are some pics of the fish in my other tank.

My red oranda Nibs



Top view of ranchu


My other moor


My pearlscale


My lionhead


Thats all for now so enjoy the pics!

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Thank you for all of the comments! I will post pics of a few of my other orandas later on when I notice some change in them. Also, again if anyone has any name suggestions they are more than welcome!

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