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Plans For A Tropical Pond/tank


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Does anyone here have a tropical pond? My mother and I are planning to make a huge pond. At first we thought we didn't have that much room but I measured the cement slab today and found out we had almost twice as much room as we thought.

The pond/tank will be built outside my bedroom widow. It will all be above ground. We are thinking its about a 8 feet X 5 feet x 4 feet with a glass/acrylic/plexiglass widow on the front. The window will be 5 feet x 2 feet. If I did my math right the tank should be about 1000 gallons, give or take a bit.

I will be aquascaping the tank but only with sand/small gravel mix, plants and drift wood. I want to try to stay away from large rocks but I might get just a few. Fake rock would be great because they would weigh so much.

I'm searching for a piece of drift wood that is 3-4 feet long and 2-3 feet tall to be the main center piece of the tank and then a few smaller size pieces.

I'm not sure what to do about the top. Easiest thing would be a sealed wood or solid plastic top. At first I thought to make a lift up lid that was half the size of the tank made from wood. But then I came up with a neat idea. Half the top of the tank could be wood and half the top could be plastic. I would screw hinges to the back of the plastic and then to the wood. The plastic part would lift up like on a normal aquarium. If I do that, half the tank would be shaded and half would have a lot of sun light. I could always use a blanket or towel to cover it up if it get to hot.


African Tiger Lotus

Java Fern







Oscars x2 (breeding adults from a small lfs)

Senegal Bichir

Endlicheri Bichir

Black Pacu x3

Silver dollar x9

Leopard Pleco x3

I don't know if I will get all of those fish but over a few years I would like to try each one of those.

Does anyone have any links for driftwood? Where to find and clean it?

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