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What Food Is Better For Fry?


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Guest BayBeeBoiz2

i didnt have as much luck with bbs than i expected...im thinking liqufry or some first bites would do good...also you can boil egg and cruble yoke really good..they will eat that too.

variety is always a plus.with my babies i used first bites and bbs...after a couple months they love the tropical goldfish flakes rather than regular:)

hope i was helpfull...gl to you

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What my fry seem to love the most is daphina, daphina is a water flea which aids in purging the digestive system within 5-7 days according to Hikari site. I also feed them Hikari baby pellets as well as frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, fresh fruits and veggies. I'm trying to get them to eat gel food but so far they don't like my cooking very much! :blink:

Here are some links below about Daphina and a link directly to Hikari's website. Because this is something that aids in purging the digestive system its not something I'd feed them everyday. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong about that.



Good luck with your fry, I hope they aren't as picky as mine!

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