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The Great Pea Fiasco


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Hi all,


That page is the story and pictures from an experiment I did with dehydrating

peas to reduce the mess they make in a fish tank. I'd be interested to see what you all think of this idea, as it's something I came up with myself.

This is the rough draft of a page for a new site, but I also wanted to share the story and pictures on it with you all. I thought you'd appreciate it more than the other site developers. Just don't bother with the links on the left side of the page. Most of them don't work. :)


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It only involved about 10 minutes of actually doing anything, and most of that was cleaning the silly apple sauce thing after. If you were going to make it en masse, however, I think it would work well.

It's amazing how much the stuff shrunk, btw. It pulled apart and some even fell through the mesh of the dehydrator!

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