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Swim Bladder Problem/fin Rot

Guest LamLam

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I have an oranda and a blackmoore in a 90 gallon tank. Recently they have been having fin rot and the oranda has large chunks of his tail missing. The black moore just has little holes in his fins. I treated it with some mardel for five days but they dont look like they are getting better. The oranda is sitting at the bottom of the tank and he doesnt move very much. From time to time he will wiggle around and do like a flip. Other times he sits on the bottom kind of crooked. The black more is active and seems fine other than the little holes in his fins. I am just wondering what is wrong and what i can do to help them.

Here are the parameters:

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm

Nitrate 5ppm

PH 7.4 to 7.8

Tank size 90G

I have two emperor 400's and an eheim

i change about 30 t0 40% every two weeks

I have two fish in the tank currently and they are about 6 inches

I usually just put in prime and 5 tblspoons of aquarium salt

I recently used mardel-TC and was using melafix before that. I am also using algae destroyer

No new fish to tank yet

I feed my fish pro gold

The fish look normal other than rotted tails. My black moore had this fungus bubble growing on his tail fin, but it seems to have popped now. The oranda has some blood streaks in his tail fin.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thanks for replying so fast. Here are some pics of my fish. I usually salt after every water change so its normal. I usually just add 5 tablespoons for the 90 gallon.







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Are they doing any scratching on things?

Darting around the tank?

Yawning excessively?

Spitting out food?

Shaking or convulsing? (like they are trying to shake something off)

Anything else unusual?

For now what I would recommned is running the tank without salt. While it can be a natural med, it can also irritate occasionally. I know with my fish if I left salt in there too long the fish looked poorly.

Try that for a few weeks, see if anything changes.

Or until we determine it could be another factor.

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Well nothing unusual. The oranda somtimes flashes( he sits there and while he is wiggling around he turns upside down and does a little flip) Other than that he just sits there. THe black moore is fairly active. Whats the fastest way to heal fin rot? ive treated him with some medication but the red streak does not dissapear it almost been a month since his tails have looked like that.


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I agree with Laurie - stop the salt. It could be irritating his kidneys.

And I would stop the algae destroyer.

It is also possible you have a parasite that can only be id'd w/a microscope (this happened to me last year.)

But in the meantime, I would stop the salt and the algae destroyer and see if the little guy perks up a bit. Don't be so concerned about his fins at the moment. Yes, we want the fins to heal, but we need to sort out what the culprit is first.

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Laura has some good points. It may take a bit for you to notice any improvement without the salt. 2-3 weeks. So be patient.

For now I am going to move your thread out of the 911 section. But keep us posted.

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