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Bumps On Butterball's Tail


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ammonia 0

nitrites 0

nitrates between 20 and 40 so i guess 30

ph 7.2

60%-70% water change every thursdays, use Amquel + and NovAqua +

20 gallon tank, fluval 205 canister filter, I've had the tank for 1.5 years

one Oranda and one Fantail, even though I believe he has more veiltail in him. I've had them for 1.5 years.

Hi, I read another post on bumps on their fish and unfortunately I am having a similar problem only I'm not too sure whether treatment is necessary but I thought I'd ask because I'm confused. Casper has had bumps on his tail that have come and gone but Butterball gets these bumps on her tail that are not necessarily the same as Casper. Butterball's bumps looks like melted wax, like when you get a thin layer of melted wax on your finger. Everytime she gets these bumps eventually they go away and she is left with a white streak on her tail. Like a color change, is this normal? She is still active, hungry, overall her usual self, even though she rests more than Casper. I couldn't get very good pics, but here are a few.



Now in the next 2 pics, you'll see her top tail fins w/ what appears to be smaller bumps but are actually what appears after the bumps have faded.



Her tail gets this wavy look with thin white streaks.



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Karla I am not 100% sure but I do believe this is do to a viral infection. Jenw is helping another member who seems to have this. According to that thread going on, is probably what it is.

Viral infections of course are not curable, just like in us, a cold is viral just have to wait it out.

In my opinion if the fish is acting ok other wise I wouldn't worry.

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