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Four Of My Sweethearts!

Guest Judith

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Hello everyone,

I haven't really been posting here yet, but now I think it's time to do so! I guess my english writing is really poor, but i'll try my best!

I'm Judith, 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm totally in love with my six goldies wich i have one and a half year now. :D

I finally got a chance to shoot some nice pictures of 4 of the goldies, and i would love to share them with you. I hope you'll enjoy them as this is ectually my first post and I'm trying to make a good first impression here :blush:

Here they come, let me introduce you to:

Rien! I got him in the local aquarium-store as a real tiny baby. Now he's more than twice the size he was.


3! 3 is one of the 3 fishes that survived a fishbowl. I got her from a friend of mine that got her with two other fishes in a bowl for his birthday. He had her for 6 months than he gave her to me because the two other fishes had allready died en this one was becomming ill. She was very underweight and weak when I first got her, but now she has become a beautifull fish. Next spring she will move into the great outdoors-pond!


Bling Qing! I got him about one year ago in the local gardencentre. Back then he was very very tiny and brown/chocolate with bright orange pompons. So cute! Now he has grown a lot eversince en turned orange.


And lust but not least, Calico! I never found a good name for him, so we never stopped calling him "the calico fish" which later became "calico" . I was looking for a nice calico fish but never found the right specimin, untill I saw this one. He was very little and was living in a small aquarium with to many brothers and sisters. It took me lettrely one hour to find him again amungst that large group of fish!


My two ranchu's are camera-shy i guess, they won't come swimming in front of the camera :blink: Do you take a raincheck on these two?

I hope you all enjoyed the pics.


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You take wonderful photographs. Your fish look amazing and are a credit to your care. Just beautiful.

Welcome to kokos by the way, nice to have you and your fish here :D

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:) Hi Judith and welcome to Koko's.I think all your fish are quite lovely.The colors are all so vibrant on those fish.Would love to see more of them ,especially 3.Very nice pics.I hope you decide to stick around,as we have a great forum. :exactly
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