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3 New Fish.


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I was out buying crickets for Twinkie, my wolf spider and I spoted 3 beautiful bettas at the pet store. One is a yellow male that i have been eye balling for 2 weeks and the others are a green mustard gass and a blue mustard gas. Both mustard gases has DR tails but the blue gas has some curling on his anal fin. The yellow is a mess of rays, some single some double.

Don't hit me! I swear I will get picus by tomorrow. My camera batteries are dead and need to charge.

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Kissy- I have: 8 males, 6 females, and 3 fry

2 males and 6 females live in my 20 gallon long.

1 male lives in my 2.5 gallon.

1 male lives in a bowl.

3 males in cups(new guys).

1 male in one of my spawn tanks.

3 fry marble CT fry are in a 10 gallon.

The blue mustard gas will be worked into my breeding plans. I would breed him soon but I just used the female that I would like to pair with him so I will have to wait a couple weeks. I might breed the yellow to my cambodian girl and the green gas to my royal blue female.

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ok, my batteries were just charged enough to work for 5 minutes. I would have waited till morning but I had to chase crickets around the house because they got out. :krazy: So I was bored. These are quick and the exposure was kind of hard. The yellow male looks about the right color but the mustard gases are darker.

Yellow CT male.



Blue Mustard Gas




Green Mustard Gas



Bah! I hate the way my mustard gas bettas look in these photos. They are much mor ebeautiful in real life. I really need a better camera. Hopefully I can get one for christmas. lol.

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