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New Fish!


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hi, i have had this new fish for about 5 days now, i fell in love with him whilst looking in my lfs for a lid for my tank, and still grieving for Weebl.

He's a baby lionhead, i named him Bob in honour of Weebl (coz of the internet cartoon Weebl and Bob!)

I had another one with him (who i named Tag) but he was sick so he is being treated in the lfs, and if he recovers they will call me so i can pick him up again.

So this is Bob


Here he is with Tag in the background. Hopefully Tag will get better, but he had an internal infection and it wasnt looking good.


I was a bit wary of posting about Bob til i know he is healthy, but i changed my signature today and thought i should explain the sudden appearance of a new fish!!

Hope you like the pics

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