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Sunny Is Eggbound!


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Ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate under 20

pH 7.4

out of tap 6.4

50 gal tank, operating 10 months

filters: Emperor 280 and Fluval 105

Waterchanges 25 to 50% weekly

Tank Residents: 2 dojo loaches, 4 fancy goldfish

additives: 0.05% aquarium salt and dechlorinator

no meds in the tank

Sunny is the new fish

I feed a mix of spirulina pellets (presoaked of course) shrimp pellets, algae wafers and Nutrafin pellets

Sunny's got a one-sided swelling in her belly area. Her bottom seems more 'outie' than usual. My tank is all female, so she's got no male to help her release her eggs. This is the first time I've delt with this problem as all my other goldfish are too young.

A little history on Sunny: I rescued her after she spent 3 years in goldfish bowls (aka goldfish22) And if that wasn't enough, her neglectful former owner bought her from W*lmart. She's only about two inches long and I figure she's hardcore stunted.

She's still eating well, just as competetive as the others. Any suggestions?

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How long has she been like this?

If she's eggbound, she'll exhibit signs of lethargy, bottom sitting and when advanced, heavy breathing.

If she's not showing any outward sign of problems, then i'd keep an eye on her for now but the minute you see any signs she's having problems, you may need to try some medicated food.

Is it a generalised swelling? Is there any way you can post a pic both top and side view?

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Thanks for your help JenW

So far, no other sings of sickness except her lopsided belly. I've heard too many horror stories about egg impactions I guess. I just want to react as soon as possible to help her and minimize chances of disaster.

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What worries me is if it isn't egg binding but something else. Is there any way you can post a pic?

I lost my biggest girl to egg impaction and it was awful so then I did a whole lot of research on eggbound fish and found that some breeders place their fish in a epsom salt with some success while others placed them in a salt solution.

Then I had a butterfly who was very swollen, not pineconed but swollen and gave her epsom baths daily for 4 days and she's no longer swollen. So in this instance, epsom salt is excellent. If I ever found another of my fish swollen with eggs, I would place epsom salt in her tank to test this theory but as i haven't tried it yet, I can't report on its efficacy.

So if it looks like the swelling is increasing or there's any discomfort at all, you could start feeding medicated food and dose with epsom salt at 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons and see if this will work. Another thing you could do is raise the temp to 80 degrees.... It's a little like treating for dropsy but without the heavy hitting maracyns :)

But first, if you could post a top view and side view pic, it would help enormously :)

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