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Sad Day For Me At My Lfs


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So I went to my usual LFS Big A's for some supplies. I couldn't believe it they had tons of new tanks on display and to my surprise had beautiful oranda's featured in several of them. One of them had this amazing white tail, and then I got closer. This fish was covered in Ich so badly his orange tail appeared white! There were several very large 6-9 inches Commons and Comets zooming all over the place in the same tank as well as too tiny celestials that were fighting a loosing battle with the current in the tank. Among all this chaos were several dead red cap's floating. There were about 10 huge tanks like this...I am heart broken over the oranda I haven't the room nor the money to buy him. He even had ich covering his beautiful eyes. NNNNNNN or has healthier looking Goldie's at this point and that's bad.

I went to the front and said what is going on with all the Goldie's? Clerks says whaddya mean? I explain the above and all I got was a shrug. I asked if they were being treated, another shrug. I finally went in the back and asked if they were being treated and about all the dead fish, celestials. Blank stares....Then I found one of the regular clerks who I usually joke with and begged him to treat the tanks. He promised he would.

I got a few looks from people, and I know it sounds crazy but it broke my heart. :(

Rant over....

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