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New Petsmart Sale


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Hi all,

I was working on my new goldfish site when the vvvv deal at the top changed. It was 10% off a $50 purchase, but it changed to 20% off a $70. Here's the page it was on... http://www.fishiezoo.com/boards/

Please note: The boards are empty right now as the site has yet to be advertised.. it just went up yesterday. There isn't even really any content there. I think there's an article about goldfish gravel in the goldfish section but that's all that has been uploaded. Just wanted to share the deal. Also, using the banner on that page to get there will help support a fellow goldfish site which will hopefully help in the prevention of 6 fish/10ga tank disease :P

Anyway, I really just wanted to share the deal.

Ciao All,


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