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Intro With A Few Ques.

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Hi,im new to this site but not to fish keeping. Well,new to goldfish. I have always been a Pretertor (spelling) kinda guy who has had some mean fish in my time.

Anyway,long story shart,i have a 130 gal tank that im making into a goldfish tank. It use to house a 2 year old oscar(12+") a few tinfoils,and a parot,but after setting up a 55 gal with a few fancy goldfish,i decided to give my (mean)fish to my brother and use the 130 gal for the golds.

So,now i have a 130 gal with 5 fancy goldfish and a weather loach (dojo loach). Is this going to be too much for this tank?or can i add to it? Mabey a few more weather loaches? I was thinking of a highfin shark beings from what i read,they grow 1" a year and when it was to get too big,i would put it in this pond/lake we have. All i have in it now is a RTC and a few odds and end fish.

Anyway,i guess what im asking is if anything else can go in safely to my 130. Oh,here is what i have

5 fancy goldfish

130 gal oceanic

1 penguin 330

1 EMP400

1 penn 1500 canister

sand bed

Amm. 0

Trite 0

Trate <30

temp 73*

25%water changes weekly


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First of all I have to welcome you to kokos :welcome .

I am far from an expert but I do know that sand is not good for goldfish. It has to do with their gills.

Here are a few post on the subject.



Hope this was useful :)

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I would say you can easily add a few more fish. You have the fancy variety and not the commons/comets right? They need more space than the fancies. Rule of thumb is at least 10 gallons per fancy, 20 gallon per single tail. Loaches like to be in pairs or groups so I would actually recommend that you get another to keep the other company. :) They will count toward your fish quotient so dont forget to include them when selecting fish. :)

Oh and Welcome to Koko's!! :D

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