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Meet My Goldie Family


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Hi Everyone! :D

I've never posted pictures before, but I finally got a digital camera and couldn't wait to share my goldies with you guys! After a zillion pictures, some came out, and here goes...

Here's some pictures of my fish family:

This is my red and white ranchu, Baby, because she came to me a month ago when she was just 3 months old. I'll keep a file on her development. I'd like to see her wen and the narial pompons develop more. I'm feeding frozen bloodworm, leafy greens, ProGold dry pellets, and am thinking of making some gel food. Does anybody have further suggestions?

I call this photo: Baby Takes a Bow


Here's her Topview:


This is Shang, my Blue Oranda


This is another picture of his face:


And here he is from topside:


This is Shang and Baby together:


And here's my last one of my calico ribbontail. I call the picture "All Alone At Home." There's actually two other fish, but they were out of the picture. :-)


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